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Each of the causes below contributes a lot to making the world a better place for our children.


We are on a mission to provide intellectual, spiritual, physical, human, economic and social formation to needy children in Uganda.

 St. Joseph’s Aid Society is a non-profit organization founded by Fr. Rochus David Kasole (1941-2007), in 1966, with the aim of providing good education to Ugandan children who are orphans, those born of very poor parents or who were neglected by their parents. He envisioned the possibility of giving these children a bright future.

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Food crops for Children's food

One of the greatest challenges in our country is availability of food. Children are directly involved in the production of the food they eat.  Remember, they cannot afford to pay any money for school fees. We grow maize and beans on a large scale. We employ workers in the fields and spend up to USD. 1500 per season. Uganda has 2 cultivation seasons per year.


Cash crops

Quite a lot of money is required to run a school in Uganda. Having to pay bills, maintain structures, and ensure medication is stressful for us as we do not have any source of funding. Please support our projects in their initial stages: (1) Coffee: We need up to USD 3000 to establish a good coffee plantation on 6 acres. Coffee is our main export product in Uganda. (2) Fruits Gardening



We need up to USD 3000 to set up a one irrigation system to support our farming and to beat the unstable  weather seasons in Uganda. Majority of farmers in Uganda make huge losses due to changes in weather patterns

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If there is ever a destination for happiness, it starts with giving. Any form of contribution can make a huge difference.

In the footsteps of Rev. Fr. Rochus David Kasole

Kasole was born to his parents, the Late John Mary Matovu and Bernadette Matovu on 6th April 1941, Palm Sunday at Mubende Hospital. It was indeed a joyful mystery for parents who had been waiting for a boy child for some time. He was the first born to his parents was later followed by 11 siblings and htese were: Ann Christine Nakacwa, Catherin Muzibu Nalubega, Kizito John Baptist Bakulumpagi Yiga, Bridget Elizabeth Leetaakubuulidde Namatovu, Tereeza Nabukenya, Joseph Maria Mutattira, Agnes Mugambye Nabukeera, John DeSale Biddemu, Charles Ssagala, Francis Xavier Buuza, and Veronica Teopista Nakanwagi.

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